The EU’s Virtual and Augmented Reality Coalition is a platform for structured dialogue between the European VR/AR ecosystem and policymakers. It aims to inform policy making, encourage investment, facilitate dialogue with stakeholders and identify key challenges and opportunities for the European VR/AR sector. The Coalition forms part of the EU’s strategy on Virtual Worlds fit for people.

Foundation Metaverse Europe is a non-profit think tank that brings together European experts, leaders and opinion leaders, in order to maintain a mature society with regard to the metaverse and to prevent political and social division.

VRDays Foundation is the organisation behind Immersive Tech Week. The Foundation is committed to uniting the XR community, inspiring creative minds & driving businesses forward to advance the successful and beneficial development of immersive technologies.

Stereopsia Europe is an international forum dedicated to immersive technologies and content and is the only XR conference in Brussels, the heart of the EU. 2023 marked its 15th edition.